Your Teething Teen

Yorktown VA Tooth ExtractionsYou remember when your baby’s first teeth came in. It started as swollen gums and drool all over the place. Finally, one day, a white spot appeared in the gum line and it worked its way up until that first sharp white tooth bit you as you swept some small piece of fuzz out of your baby’s mouth.

Teething looks different in teenagers. For one thing, they can communicate, though they may resist doing so! They can also get Tylenol or Ibuprofen on their own, so you don’t have to. But if your teenager is experiencing teething pain from their third molars, it’s still your job to get him to the dentist.

Time to Take Them Out?

While it’s true that not everyone has problems or pain from their wisdom teeth, a lot of people do.  These teeth often come in crooked, pushing up against other teeth, or they don’t come in all the way, leaving room for gum infections and tooth decay. Sinus, jaw and even ear pain can occur on top of the dental pain you might be expecting. Wisdom teeth are notoriously difficult to clean, even when they come in all the way.

If they are causing problems your teen probably needs to have their wisdom teeth out.

Wisdom teeth extraction is not a difficult procedure, and it’s not something your child should be anxious about. With all the safe sedation options available today, including general anesthesia, they won’t need to be awake. And at Yorkshire Family Dentistry our local dentists in yorktown, va use the most advanced digital imaging to plan and perform surgery. This allows us to perform the extraction with the most precision in the quickest time and it will help your teenager to heal without complication.

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