Root Canal Treatment Yorktown, VA

One of the most commonly known dental procedures is root canal treatment. Here at the Yorkshire Family Dentistry, we’re here to alleviate any anxiety you might have regarding the procedure, and while it does get a lot of attention, the truth is, this procedure is not much different from a lot of less-invasive oral surgery measures. Typically, it is the last resort used when a tooth is critically decayed or severely infected.

A root canal becomes necessary when the nerves and blood vessels inside of the tooth become infected. As a result, it’s important to remove everything en masse, and it starts with the pulp (nerves and vessels). After this tissue is removed, the tooth will be sealed, and for protection, the tooth will be crowned.

While root canals are feared by many patients, in reality, the most painful part of a root canal is not having one. If you’re experiencing the painful symptoms of an infection in the root of your tooth, you will find that after a root canal treatment, you will have relief. At Yorkshire Family Dentistry, we don’t just provide the best customer service possible, but we also provide the best patient care possible, too.
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