Oral Cancer Screening Yorktown, VA

Most people come to the dentist to get a cleaning or deal with cavities, but there is no doubt that oral cancer can be a concerning prospect for a lot of patients. While it is important to get oral cancer screenings, understand that there are a few measures you can take on your own to identify any pre-cancerous growths before they become serious.

If you notice or feel any strange sores or soft spots that weren’t previously an issue, these are problems that should be checked. While a lot of people assume that you have to make a special request of your dentist to check for oral cancer, the reality is that a dentist is checking your teeth and gums for oral cancer at every checkup.

While many people believe that oral cancer only happens to smokers and drinkers, but in reality, while these are risk factors, oral cancer can also be genetic. This is why it’s essential to schedule regular checkups.

Enjoy the peace of mind that a professional dentist checkup. Come visit the Yorkshire Family Dentistry at 3212 Hampton Hwy., Yorktown, VA 23693, for regular checkups and cleanings to ensure your teeth and gums are in tip-top shape.