Dental Night Guards Yorktown, VA

Night guards are important devices that can preserve or correct certain range-of-motion issues that commonly affect people’s jaws. One of the most common issues that a nightguard can easily address is grinding. Also known as bruxism, grinding is a very common ailment that’s typically noticed by those around us. Grinding, while a seemingly harmless stress reaction, can cause long-term damage to the teeth and enamel if left uncorrected. Another common issue that is similar to grinding is the issue of clenching. Whereas grinding really affects the tissue of the teeth and enamel, clenching affects the jaw most acutely. This can lead to a sore jaw and in severe cases, dislocation.

The most effective way to address these problems is a custom-made night guard from Yorkshire Family Dentistry. Using an impression of your teeth, we will create a night guard just for you that will fit comfortably and won’t affect your breathing.

For more information about our custom night guards and how they can help you, call Yorkshire Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment. We are conveniently located at 3212 Hampton Hwy., Yorktown, VA 23693.