Halitosis Treatment Yorktown, VA

For most people, bad breath is just an embarrassing ailment. They assume that if they just pop a couple of breath mints or brush their tongue vigorously a few nights a week, that will be enough to leave their mouth smelling fresh. Well, for some people that might be true, but for others, their chronic bad breath isn’t just embarrassing, it could be the sign of an underlying problem.

The medical term for chronic bad breath is halitosis, and it’s an issue that mints, mouthwash, and brushing can’t handle alone. If something smells bad in your mouth and it isn’t going away, there is likely to be a buildup of bacteria or decay—both of which can lead to severe problems. One of the most common reasons that people experience halitosis is a lack of brushing and flossing. A buildup of plaque can lead to rotting food and decaying teeth or gums, resulting in the bad odor.

Other kinds of odor-causing issues can be more serious than just leftover food in your mouth. Some other common causes include dehydration/dry mouth and use of tobacco products. While most people obviously associate tobacco products with bad breath, a side effect of these products is their tendency to reduce the mouth’s production of saliva. Aside from digestive enzymes in saliva, it also provides moisture and hydration around the mouth. When it dries out, this dryness can result in halitosis. If you’re trying everything you can to address your bad breath and nothing is working, it’s definitely time to see a specialist.

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